Bradley FidlerI am a postdoc researcher with UCLA Computer Science, where I study internet and cybersecurity infrastructure, research, and governance.

I hold faculty affiliations with UCLA Digital Humanities and the Center for Social Medicine and Humanities at UCLA, am a department editor for the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, and co-founded the Internet Research Incubator. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on the introduction of atypical antipsychotics to US primary care (UCLA History, 2011), during which time I contributed to NIMH-funded mental health policy research.


Email at fidler at ucla dot edu. See also TwitterAcademia.eduLinkedInGoogle Scholar, and Strava.

Upcoming Publications

  • Fidler, B. “Border Router Protocols and the Infrastructure of Cyberspace” (Draft manuscript presented at SHOT SIGCIS 2015.)
  • Fidler, B., and Russell, A. (2016.) “Infrastructure Maintenance at the Defense Communications Agency: Recasting the Internet in Histories of Technology” (Under review; manuscript presented at SHOT 2014.)


Upcoming Book

My first book is about the development of US Department of Defense/NATO computer networks and their relationship to the security architecture and politics of the civilian Internet.


  • Digital Humanities 150/250: Algorithms and Protocols in Cyberspace (Spring 2016, UCLA).
  • Digital Humanities 150/250: Internet Histories (Fall 2014, UCLA): here is the syllabus and evaluations.
  • History 180A: Introduction to the History of the Internet (Summer 2012, UCLA).
  • From 2008-10 I was a Teaching Assistant and Associate with the UCLA Department of History.


Together with the UCLA Special Collections, UCLA Digital Library, and MLIS graduate students, I created a scholarly archive of 20+ feet of primary source materials from the early history of computer networks and the Internet.  These archives can be accessed physically and digitally.


I have conducted around 30 interviews on the development of Internet architecture and infrastructure. The first batch should go online in 2016-17.

Miscellany (under construction)

Updated 12 September 2016