Bradley FidlerI am an historian with UCLA Computer Science, where I study internet and cybersecurity infrastructure, history, governance, and innovation strategy.

I hold faculty affiliations with UCLA Digital Humanities and the Center for Social Medicine and Humanities at UCLA, am a department editor for the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, and recently co-founded the Internet Research Incubator. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on the introduction of atypical antipsychotics to US primary care (UCLA History, 2011), during which time I contributed to NIMH-funded mental health policy research.


Email at fidler at ucla dot edu. See also TwitterAcademiaLinkedInGoogle Scholar, Instapaper, and Strava.

Upcoming Publications

  • Fidler, B. “Border Router Protocols and the Infrastructure of Cyberspace” (Draft manuscript presented at SHOT SIGCIS 2015.)
  • Fidler, B., and Russell, A. (2016.) “Infrastructure Maintenance at the Defense Communications Agency: Recasting the Internet in Histories of Technology” (Under review; manuscript presented at SHOT 2014.)

Recent Publications

Upcoming Book

My first book is about the development and politics of Internet routing architecture, and the roles of military and private sector ecosystems in this history.


  • Digital Humanities 150/250: Algorithms and Protocols in Cyberspace (Spring 2016, UCLA).
  • Digital Humanities 150/250: Internet Histories (Fall 2014, UCLA): here is the syllabus and evaluations.
  • History 180A: Introduction to the History of the Internet (Summer 2012, UCLA).
  • From 2008-10 I was a Teaching Assistant and Associate with the UCLA Department of History.


Together with the UCLA Special Collections, UCLA Digital Library, and MLIS graduate students, I created a scholarly archive of 20+ feet of primary source materials from the early history of computer networks and the Internet.  These archives can be accessed physically and digitally.


I have conducted around 30 in-depth interviews on the development of Internet architecture and infrastructure.