Upcoming Publications

  • “Infrastructure Maintenance at the Defense Communications Agency: Recasting the Internet in Histories of Technology.” With Andrew Russell. Manuscript presented at SHOT 2014; under review. (2017.)
  • “Cybersecurity Governance During and After the Postwar Order.” Presented at Georgia Tech School of Public Policy. (2017.)
  • “The Politics of Routing Architectures in Internet Distribution and Control.” Presented at SHOT SIGCIS 2015. (2017.)
  • “Social-Property Architectures: Historiography and Political Economy” (2018.)

Books in Progress

  • Replica Program: a comparative study of two internet infrastructures
  • Names, Numbers, and Holy Wars: a historical anthropology of networking research in action
  • Cybersecurity Studies: history/theory for an encrypted information society; with Quinn DuPont

Recent Publications

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