How to use twitter

  1. Delete all the apps from everywhere, turn off all notifications, turn off twitter’s garbage emails. It’s time to utilize this service on your terms.
  2. Mute every single person you follow. Your main page will just be your tweets. You will check in on people by visiting their page. Going to their page is a positive affirmation of their value to you; cool.
  3. Set up a service to back up your tweets, like IFTTT or Pinboard. Now twitter doesn’t have a monopoly on your data.
  4. Set up a service (like to auto-delete your tweets once they reach a certain age, say, one month. Now people can still get your contemporary thoughts without every thing you said being archived forever and used to construct a diabolical data double. You’ll spend less time formulating the ephemeral. After all, you should be out doing great things.
  5. Set up a one-way pipe to post your tweets, like buffer or IFTTT. Then check your replies every few days. This breaks the well documented addiction cycle.