Metadata is Forever

I don’t know when JASIST will publish this paper on metadata, so here is a link to it on early view.

The takeaways here are that 1) metadata related to user behavior has been generated by computer networks since the first computer networks, and that 2) it’s so integral to the basic functioning of computer networks that it ought to be understood as a part of the infrastructure itself.

The Dependence of Cyberspace

I wrote this for The Maintainers conference .

Introduction: There’s Never Been Freedom of Anything in Cyberspace

I want to begin by discussing the context in which John Perry Barlow wrote his Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace from Davos in 1996. For those unaware, Barlow was on a writing deadline, at a party, with the world’s business elite. He went back to his hotel, typed out the Declaration, emailed it out to some hundreds of friends, and the rest is (cyber-)history. Continue reading “The Dependence of Cyberspace”